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Struggle without reason

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By Rundassa Asheetee

lechoandberhanuThe Oromo revolution that erupted in 2014 became a popular news item, stirring up a new awareness and interest among the world media in general, while causing an insurmountable eagerness in the pro old Ethiopian unity camps.

By the same token, Liban Waaqoo’s historic footnote speech at the London conference organized by the Oromo Lawyers Association had temporarily encouraged to expose the Amhara and the Oromo elites to ignore the rest of Ethiopians and recycle the old regimes officials such as Dawit WoldeGiorgis by trying to make the Amharas believe that they will be victims of what they called “the Oromo separatist movement” that cannot be controlled once true democracy is realized.  Meantime, Liban’s speech has made the Oromo learn that FREEDOM is central to the Oromo Liberation movement and that every Oromo has a solemn responsibility to fight for their FREEDOM.

While FREEDOM remain to be the goal and the objective of the Oromo people, the opportunist O.D.F scheme subtle and cunning way of sneaking behind Oromo political lines and come to power became a worrisome distraction awakened by the Oromo liberation movement and electrified, yet with no control over their vulgar words such as “Narrow and fanatics”.  To entice their superiors, Dima Nogo and Lenco Lata promised that they will destroy whom they called “militant Oromos” with strategy to stir up anger between the Oromos.

The “fathers of contention and confusion” these two men had been burning with anger ever since their own confusion ejected them out of the Oromo liberation movement camp.  This anger drove obbo Leenco Lata to say to Kadiro Helemo on OMN… “Go search from wherever he is and ask Malasa Seena….!” and now, he and Dima are trying to boil conflict among the Oromo until the feeling of freedom chills off. To do so, they are using a consciously chosen words such as “Narrow and fanatic Oromo elements.”  A cunning part of their strategy is to dissociate our anger away from the colonial nature of empire Ethiopia by using this widely used idiom… “democracy and unity”

Liban Waaqoo’s mention of the nature of old Ethiopia played a huge role in galvanizing new round fear in the minds of the Amharic speaking men and also opened up a window of opportunity for the TPLF who tried to manipulate the situation to its advantage, while equally giving new hope to the rotting political view held by Dimaa Nogo, Lencoo Lata and their little Chiwawa Dogs such as Zawude Gudata and the like.

Most importantly though, what was said and done in London also helped everyone to reflect upon past and current political seasons. For example, the Tigrean colonial forces in Oromia may have realized that the cosmetic changes they made to the OPDO will not heal the deep would they have inflicted upon the Oromo people, and that the Oromo people have developed an even greater desire to fight the Tigrean colonial rule and build their own free state.  This is because the Oromo people have experienced the Tigre colonialism harsh killing and rape and now they understand that the Tigre colonization is worse than Mosoloni’s rule and the minority whites of south Africa. Furthermore, not only the Oromians, but the remaining population of the Tigre colonized empire learned that the Tigreans life is much better than the rest economically, politically, and socially while the rest’s life is extremely dark and depressing devoid of freedom.

Similarly, this situation has offered the pro old Ethiopian unity groups the opportunity to reflect on their old views and evaluate the negative effect their old views had on the unity of the people of the empire.  As to the so called ODF members, the Oromo revolution must remind them that the exact reason why this revolution started, and trying to redefine it would cause them permanent damage from which they can never be able to recover.

In conclusion, the general message everyone gets out of the entire situation is that the Oromo people no longer willing to be fooled because they know that their liberation movement rose from Tulama, Wallo and Bale mountains ever since Oromia was invaded and has been going on ever since, and trying to change its direction now will pull the entire empire into chaos in all its forms.


Of course, revolution ejects trash and ash into the atmosphere like a volcano that often shads the sun’s rays temporarily. When the trash gets ejected into the atmosphere, it only cools off the eruption thus, it will not stop the volcano from occurring again.  As such, the Oromo revolution may fall under great hardships by the Tigre colonial forces suffocating effort, or by ODF’s attempt to highjack everything, and by pro old Ethiopia unity groups failure to understand what the colonized people want from the dying empire but none of these efforts will stop the birth of Oromia.

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