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Home The News Somali Region President Abdi Eily is maiming the pastorals in Harshim and Gashamo

Somali Region President Abdi Eily is maiming the pastorals in Harshim and Gashamo

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Minister of Labor of Federal Government, Abdifatah Sheikh attended a meeting to sort out the conflict between the chairman of Ethiopian Somali party and the President of Somali Region 

Abdi Ely. The long disputes among the two officials were simmering for a long time. They were called to Addis to face EPRDF’s officials to discuss the issues, but they were ignoring the killing and maiming of Somali pastoral in Gashamoo and Harshim. This is the first that the leaders of Somali Region are participating at the 5th Regional Conference organization to evaluate the leadership, good governance and corruption.

To add insult to injury, the President of Somali Abdi Eily is working hard to eradicate the Gashamo and Harshim pastorals so that he exploits their land. The pastorals have had a skirmish with the Liyu Police where they routed them from their land. Now, the President Abdi Eily has come up with a new decree to charge the pastorals to graze their herds in their own farms. They are forced to pay 30 Ethiopian birr to graze a camel, 15 birr to a cow and 5 birr to a goat. This is one of the worst decrees to force the pastorals to leave their lands.

The President Abdi Eiley has accused Mohammed Rashid to be responsible to the lawlessness and crime that has been committed in Somali Region, as if he, the chairman and the Speaker, has the power to maintain law and order to lead an accountable government.

On the part of EPRDF, it is not possible to take step at Iley illegal if the party chairman does not consent, .The congregation was led by Debretsion and Abdifatah that morning to executing a successful plan and consistently accountable and unified action.

The meeting, part of the accountability and evaluation meetings of the group EPRDF to reshuffle plans; they have attacked the problem with each other alleged illegal act of corruption and abuse of power. EPRDF is aim at removing President Abdi Eily who is playing the card of counter attacking the oppositions and wiring money to Diaspora so that he will elongate its staying in the power seat.

 Abdi Iley leader and party chief of the team members accused each other to serious allegations. For example, Mohammed Rashid is framed to misuse fund specially designed for the fiscal year 2008- 2007, and the history of Ethiopia regional state is loaded with this kind of corruption and mischief, and that all allegations to suggest to be loyal to the motto of EPRDF without digging and going to the bottom of concealment payments owed on embezzled by regional leaders.

The EPRDF's efforts are how to change the minimum system administrator-from which after the death of Meles Zenawi,  regional leaders do not  involved in corruption and to act as they wish, which led to the entire highlights public  uprisings that are going in Amhara  and Oromia regions.

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