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The Atlanta Leadership Convention: A blessing in disguise?

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Information is slowly trickling out of the much hyped about Atlanta Leadership Convention, despite organizers’ plea not to record video and audio and the tight security to enforce the rule. We anticipate that they will 


Is Oromo fiduciary to Habesha and often demanded to confess its political strategy?

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I want to supplement to the exigency of Prof. Ezekiel’s recent article entitled “The Big Debate – Beyond Assimilation and Accommodation: The Resurgence of Oromo Nationalism”. Presumptive reason as to why Prof.


US election 2016 result: Historic win for Somali-American woman

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Ilhan Omar said she would be the "voice for the marginalised"


Ethiopia Lifts Ban on Diplomats’ Travel Imposed by State of Emergency

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Mr. D. W Giorgis’ speech at “Vision Ethiopia Conference” is an Amhara chauvinism manifestation at its core!

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By Abbaa Ormaa

ODF forms Alliance with am Amhara group to come up soon.


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The History of Hawd and Reserve in Somali

This is a Historical Background of Hawd  and Reserve Area . Unlike  distorted Ogaden historical narration, Somali Region ( Somali Galbeed) has had two historical moments:The Ogaden in 1948 and The Hawd  and Reserve Area in 1954. Omar Arteh, one of the seasoned somali diplomats narrated on the historical moment of Hawd  and Reserve Area in 2000. He was one of the people who witnested when the history was making in that part of land. The narration is in Somali.