Welcome to Hawd and Reserve Democratic Council of Ethiopia Ethiopian Somali Democratic Council Civil Society aim and objective is the “belief in the fundamental equality of all human beings, in every individual’s inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and in a democratic government that derives its legitimacy from the people’s consent.” https://www.ethiosomali.com/component/content/frontpage.html Thu, 22 Jun 2017 14:11:10 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb The History of Hawd and Reserve in Somali https://www.ethiosomali.com/component/content/article/31-general/3311-the-history-of-hawd-and-reserve-in-somali-.html https://www.ethiosomali.com/component/content/article/31-general/3311-the-history-of-hawd-and-reserve-in-somali-.html This is a Historical Background of Hawd  and Reserve Area . Unlike  distorted Ogaden historical narration, Somali Region ( Somali Galbeed) has had two historical moments:The Ogaden in 1948 and The Hawd  and Reserve Area in 1954. Omar Arteh, one of the seasoned somali diplomats narrated on the historical moment of Hawd  and Reserve Area in 2000. He was one of the people who witnested when the history was making in that part of land. The narration is in Somali.


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Column: 'If Ethiopia started to develop its coffee industry, it could trade its way out of poverty' https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3410-column-if-ethiopia-started-to-develop-its-coffee-industry-it-could-trade-its-way-out-of-poverty.html https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3410-column-if-ethiopia-started-to-develop-its-coffee-industry-it-could-trade-its-way-out-of-poverty.html WHEN WE THINK about the products on supermarket shelves, there isn’t a level playing field. Take wine and coffee for example.

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Ethiopia, the “State of emergency” and the challenge ahead, particularly with Diaspora Ethiopian communities. https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3411--ethiopia-the-state-of-emergency-and-the-challenge-ahead-particularly-with-diaspora-ethiopian-communities.html https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3411--ethiopia-the-state-of-emergency-and-the-challenge-ahead-particularly-with-diaspora-ethiopian-communities.html W.Yilma  3/4/17After the unrest in some part of Oromia, and Amhara regional states, various Diaspora 

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How long can Ethiopia's state of emergency keep the lid on anger? A state crackdown has silenced ethnic Oromo people in Ethiopia, but grievances over land and rights, and a lack of political options, could reignite protests https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3409--how-long-can-ethiopias-state-of-emergency-keep-the-lid-on-anger-a-state-crackdown-has-silenced-ethnic-oromo-people-in-ethiopia-but-grievances-over-land-and-rights-and-a-lack-of-political-options-could-reignite-protests-.html https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3409--how-long-can-ethiopias-state-of-emergency-keep-the-lid-on-anger-a-state-crackdown-has-silenced-ethnic-oromo-people-in-ethiopia-but-grievances-over-land-and-rights-and-a-lack-of-political-options-could-reignite-protests-.html In a muted show of defiance near Ethiopia’s capital city, a tall farmer glanced around before furtively crossing his arms below his waist to make the Oromo people’s resistance symbol.

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UAE Military Base Boosts Berbera International Trade Hub and Somaliland-Ethiopia's Relations and Economic Growth By Mohamed Farah Abdi February 14, 2017 https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3408-uae-military-base-boosts-berbera-international-trade-hub-and-somaliland-ethiopias-relations-and-economic-growth-by-mohamed-farah-abdi-february-14-2017.html https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3408-uae-military-base-boosts-berbera-international-trade-hub-and-somaliland-ethiopias-relations-and-economic-growth-by-mohamed-farah-abdi-february-14-2017.html On 12 February 2017, the government of Somaliland accepted the formal application seeking permission from the Somaliland government to open a military 

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Interview with Ambassador David Shinn https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3407-interview-with-ambassador-david-shiin-.html https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3407-interview-with-ambassador-david-shiin-.html In this edition of  Focus on Horn of Africa , Hawd Radio,  Ambassador David Shiin will shed light on many  burning issues that are  touching economic, social and political components in the Horn of Africa . David , a seaoned Ambassador, had  worked on Somali, Ethiopian and other Horn African society's issues  and he will talk about  them  indepthly.


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Here you go! Once again, ESAT attacks the great Oromo nation https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3406-here-you-go-once-again-esat-attacks-the-great-oromo-nation.html https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3406-here-you-go-once-again-esat-attacks-the-great-oromo-nation.html ESAT Haile Larebo

Here you go! Once again, ESAT attacks the great Oromo nation


Here you go! Once again, ESAT attacks the great Oromo nation through its media outlet.

By Boona Sabaa

This is certainly not the first time ESAT strategically campaigning against the Oromonation in order to belittle, mock and discredit the great Oromo nation in the horn of Africa. ESAT is systematically implementing and running propaganda campaigns against the great and most civilized nation – the Oromo. ESAT is doing so through inviting to its media outlets people with psychopathic traits, confused individuals; people who suffer from lack of self-worth and inferiority complex and above all individuals who have sold their souls for a penny and who are not in touch with reality – the so called “Professor “ Haile Larebo and his likes.

]]> imgorse@gmail.com (Administrator) frontpage Thu, 26 Jan 2017 17:52:06 +0000 A Boom in Qat in Ethiopia And Kenya-The Economist https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3405-a-boom-in-qat-in-ethiopia-and-kenya-the-economist.html https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3405-a-boom-in-qat-in-ethiopia-and-kenya-the-economist.html

A Boom in Qat

Qat, a tonic?

]]> imgorse@gmail.com (Administrator) frontpage Fri, 20 Jan 2017 13:25:32 +0000 Toronto MP Ahmed Hussen is the new immigration minister https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3404-toronto-mp-ahmed-hussen-is-the-new-immigration-minister.html https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3404-toronto-mp-ahmed-hussen-is-the-new-immigration-minister.html Toronto MP Ahmed Hussen is the new immigration minister, Chrystia Freeland is the new Foreign Affairs Minister (update)

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Barack Obama legacy: Nine things he'll be remembered for https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3403-barack-obama-legacy-nine-things-hell-be-remembered-for.html https://www.ethiosomali.com/the-news/3403-barack-obama-legacy-nine-things-hell-be-remembered-for.html Monday January 9, 2017

US President Barack Obama. He will be remembered for hunting and killing Osama bin Laden, one of the greatest threats to the US during his rule. PHOTO | BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI | AFP.

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